2018 issue of How to Retire in Style hits news stands

8 February 2018

The 2018 issue of How to Retire in Style is now sale. Published by Moneywise, How to Retire in Style is the ultimate guide to retirement income planning.

You can buy your copy at WHSmith, Tesco or at Easons in Northern Ireland for just £6.99. Alternatively, you can order your copy for £6.99, including postage, on the Moneywise website

Whether you have a substantial pension or are wishing you had saved more, How to Retire in Style provides jargon-free guidance on your retirement income options. From taking cash out of your pension to investing for income and buying an annuity, we explain everything you need to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

We tackle your top 10 pension freedom questions and, to give you some ideas, meet real retirees to find out how they are taking advantage of the relaxed rules.

If you want to invest throughout your retirement, we also reveal the strategies to make sure your pension lasts for life and provide plenty of fund recommendations from the experts.

For many people, property will always be an attractive option - offering the tantalising combination of rising income and impressive capital growth - but with the government making it harder for landlords to make money, we investigate how much of a viable option this could be.

If you have a final salary pension that provides a guaranteed income you won’t have to make these decisions. But as transfer values continue to grow, more people are considering trading in that income for a cash lump sum. However, it isn’t right for everyone so read our guide first to make sure you don’t end up making an expensive mistake.

Finally, we offer the latest advice on beating pension scams, provide tips on enjoyable ways to boost your income and, if travel is your thing we’ve got a guide to retiring overseas and ideas for people who want to see the world without breaking the bank.

Visit the Pensions section of Moneywise for more of the latest news on starting and managing your pension, as well as on retirement income and lifestyles. 


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Issue 2018 was excellent; When is the 2019 issue going to be out?Paula

In reply to by Dr.Paula Hancock (not verified)

Hi Paula,

The 2019 edition will be on sale in early February. Thanks!

Moneywise Edmund

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