Boiler breakdown causing financial misery for millions

7 February 2018

As a cold snap bites the UK, new figures show that many Brits are facing unnecessarily high costs for boiler repairs.

According to price comparison site uSwitch, one in five homes (17%) in the UK suffered a boiler breakdown in the past year. Of those households, the average repair cost an eye-watering £245. This means Brits are collectively spending up to £725 million in total to fix an essential household appliance that could have been covered by insurance.

Of the households surveyed by uSwitch, nearly half (48%) said they would have to dip into savings to pay an unexpected boiler repair, while more than one in 10 (13%) worryingly say they would have to use a credit card or bank loan to cover the cost. This potentially leaves up to 13.5 million homes at the mercy of credit providers to rectify an essential household system.

uSwitch recommends households check their home insurance policies to see if their boiler is covered, and if not, to consider boiler insurance for peace of mind, especially in the current cold weather conditions. 

Shona Eyre, energy expert at, says: “Boiler breakdown can be a real-life nightmare for many families, and the temperamental British weather doesn’t help matters. It’s not just the financial impact of having to fix a boiler, having to go without hot water and heating for any length of time can be a huge hardship for many families.

“Older boilers are more prone to needing maintenance and are much more likely to break down if they haven’t been used in a while. With this is mind, boiler cover that includes an annual service may be worth considering. Our advice is for households to first check their home insurance policy, as many providers will include boiler cover as standard.”

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