Water bills to rise by 2%

1 February 2018

Households in England and Wales will see water and sewerage bills rise by an average of 2% (£9) from 1 April, while households in Scotland will see price hikes limited to 1.6% (£6) a year.

This takes the average annual bill in England and Wales to £405 – up from £395, according to Water UK. The exact amount you pay in England and Wales is determined by which companies service the area you live in – you can’t switch water and sewerage suppliers. See the table below for the full details.  

In Scotland, average bills will rise to £363 – up from £357, according to Scottish Water. Unlike England, in Scotland the amount you pay for bills is determined by your council tax band. See the table below for the full details.

Households in Northern Ireland don’t pay for water bills as the cost is covered by the government.

‘Water firms are doing everything to keep bills low’

Michael Roberts,Water UK’s chief executive, says: “We know that households are under financial pressure in a number of ways. Even though the cost of water and sewerage is much less than other services, it all adds up, which is why water companies are doing everything they can to keep bills as low as possible while keeping up huge levels of investment.”

Douglas Millican, chief executive of Scottish Water, adds: “In providing 1.35 billion litres a day of drinking water to communities, our customers benefit from investment in the network required to bring that to their taps, ensure it is safe to use and is as fresh and clear as possible.

“They are also benefitting from our over £3.5 billion investment in water and waste water infrastructure, which will safeguard supplies for many years to come.”

However, Tony Smith, chief executive of the Consumer Council for Water, says households may be able to save by getting a water meter: “Water companies now have a range of schemes that can ease the pressure on customers who are already feeling the pinch. But for some of us, simply switching to a water meter can be the most effective way to save money.”

The organisation has an online water meter calculator where customers in England and Wales can check to see if they might be better off switching to a meter. In Scotland, there is a charge to get a water meter, so ensure you do the calculations first to see if you’ll save.

Water bill rises in England and Wales

To see the 2018/19 water and sewerage changes in England and Wales click here (opens a new page).

Water bill rises in Scotland

Here is the 2018/19 water and sewerage changes in Scotland:

Source: Scottish Water, February 2018.


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I already live in one of the priciest areas for water and now they want to raise the price of it - extortion: Water companies need to be brought back into public ownership

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I'm glad I don't live in Scotland - my (metered) water bills come to about half of the Band B level for Scotland., Metered water is a no-brainer unless you are a large household.

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