Esther McVey appointed new minister for pensions

9 January 2018

Tatton MP, Esther McVey has replaced David Gauke as secretary of state for work and pensions as part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s new year cabinet reshuffle.

The Liverpudlian MP has already had a spell in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) between 2013 and 2015 and was parliamentary under secretary for state for the disabled during the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Prior to politics, she was a TV presenter and ran her own business.

David Gauke has been appointed as secretary of state at the Ministry of Justice.

But former pensions minister Steve Webb, who is now director of policy at Royal London, says her predecessor was not given sufficient time to prove his worth.

“It is deeply disappointing that David Gauke has been moved from his role in charge of UK pensions policy. Pensioners and workers saving for their retirement need someone in charge at the DWP who understands pensions and who has a good relationship with the Treasury. David Gauke ticked both of those boxes and it is very regrettable that he was given just seven months in the role. Once again we have a revolving door of pensions ministers which will deprive us of the stability which such a long-term area requires,” he comments.

Following Esther McVey’s promotion, Stephen Lloyd, the Liberal Democrat MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon, has urged the new pensions minister to fight on behalf of the WASPI women – those born in the 1950s who have missed out on years of state pension entitlement following changes to state pension age.

Mr Lloyd says: “It’s clear that all the political parties in government comprehensively failed these women. A lamentable lack of communication right from the original pensions act in 1994 has left many of them feeling let down, ignored and totally under-valued. This injustice must be urgently addressed.”

The MP claims that the necessary cash for this could be found by delaying proposed cuts to corporation tax (from 19% to 17% in 2020) for one year.

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I am Canadian citizen living in Ukraine disabled. I dont recieve any pensions from Canada. Is there any pensions for me.

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Pension freedoms should be made for people who are already receiving final salary pensions in payment,there are pensioners on small pensions who are in there 70/80s with large pension pots who can’t access there hard earned money surely they should be able to get 25% as a lump sum to help them in retirement trustees and the government are stopping these pensioners from getting there hard earned money to help there families.There are Billions of pounds in some of these pension funds the only people who will benefit when these pensioners have gone will be the trustees and the government .The FCA are fighting for the people in work the over 55s so they don’t lose money what about the pensioners already struggling let’s have a level playing field.

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i think thats it with the pensions to get this so called human put in charge is like putting DRACULA in charge of the blood banks horrible person.

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this is like appointment is like putting harold shipman in charge of the nhs

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A question rather than a comment if I may please. I am 66 and my wife is 68 years of age. We are both retired and in receipt of State Pensions. I get the full amount but my wife’s pension is reduced as she did not have sufficient NI stamps. I ,on the other hand, had 42 which is in excess of the maximum required. Can I transfer my excess stamps to my wife so that her entitlement would be increased ? Many thanks.

State Pension a disgrace

After working and paying contributions for 50 years without one days break my state pension is a disgrace compared to every other country in the EU. When is Esta McVey going to stand up for British pensioners and give us the rate of pension we deserve?

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