Check your cruise is covered – four in 10 policies don’t protect trips as standard

8 January 2018

Holidaymakers booking cruise trips are being urged to ensure their travel insurance covers them on the high seas.

The warning comes as financial information firm Defaqto found that only six in 10 insurance policies cover cruise trips as standard.

Of the 931 single trip insurance policies Defaqto analysed, just 58% covered cruises as standard, while only 61% of 964 annual policies covered cruise holidays.

Some travel insurance policies don’t even offer cruise cover as a separate add-on. According to Defaqto’s research, 13% of single trip and 12% of annual travel policies don’t offer any cover at all for travellers embarking on a cruise holiday.

Cruise travellers are also being urged to find a policy that not only covers cruise travel but also provides a suitable level of cover.

For example, only 52% of single trip policies that cover cruise holidays and 48% of annual trip policies with cruise cover provide compensation for cabin confinement – where doctors’ orders may mean you miss excursions. The level of compensation for cabin confinement also varies significantly, from as little as £10 per day to a generous £200 per day, with the average pay out being £59 per day for a single trip policy and £60 for an annual trip policy.

Brian Brown, head of insight at Defaqto, comments: “Today’s modern cruise ships cater for every taste with celebrity speakers, specialist classes such as gourmet cooking and wine tasting, as well as traditional sight-seeing.

“Yet a cruise holiday is very different to a holiday on the shore and has very different risks. Therefore, cruise travellers must ensure that their travel insurance specifically offers cruise cover, whether as standard or as an additional benefit.”

Also remember to buy travel insurance as soon as you book the trip, as this will protect you from incidents that affect your holiday before it’s time to jet or sail off. 

See our travel insurance section for more top tips on what to watch out for when buying cover. 

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