Over half of Moneywise users happy to be given gift cards

22 December 2017

Shoppers running out of time before Christmas may be pleased to know that more than half (51%) of Moneywise.co.uk readers are happy to be given gift cards over the festive period.

This is broken down between 27% who say they’re happy with gift cards as they like the freedom to pick something out for themselves, and 24% who like gift cards as it saves them from being given unwanted gifts.

The findings, which come from a poll of 873 Moneywise users, show that gift cards are ever so slightly more popular in 2017 compared to 2016.

When we ran the same poll last year, 50% said they would be happy to be given gift cards – broken down into 26% who liked the freedom to choose what they buy, and 24% who said it saves them from being given unwanted gifts.

Over a third would be unhappy with gift cards

However, the poll results also reveal that over a third (34%) of people would not be pleased to receive a gift card this Christmas.

This is broken down into 15% who prefer cash, 9% who think gift cards are a lazy option, 8% who never get round to using gift cards before they expire, and a further 8% who have been left with worthless gift cards when retailers have gone under in the past.

These figures are down from last year when 38% said they’d be unhappy to receive gift cards over Christmas.

An additional 15% said they don’t mind either way whether they get a gift card, which compares to 12% last year.

See the full poll 2017 results in the pie chart below.

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