Personal allowance boost is Moneywise users’ top Autumn Budget announcement

8 December 2017

A rise in the tax-free personal allowance was the Autumn Budget announcement most users’ were pleased to see.

Over half (52%) selected this option, which will see tax-free earnings rise from £11,500 to £11,850 from April 2018, from a list of 11 key Budget announcements.

The next most popular Autumn Budget announcements, each receiving 10% of the votes, were a freeze on alcohol, fuel and air passenger duties, and an increase in the minimum wage from £7.50 per hour to £7.83 per hour from April 2018. 

Initiatives aimed at millennials didn’t fare well but that could be indicative of our audience rather than displeasure at the schemes themselves – only 8% of those who voted were most pleased to see the stamp duty cut for first-time buyers. One reader commented that the tax break should have been given to older downsizers instead of to first-time buyers.  

Meanwhile, just 2% were most pleased about student loan overpayment issues being fixed, and a tiny 1% were most pleased to see the introduction of a railcard for those aged 26 to 30.  

For the full results of the poll, see the pie chart below. 


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Why don't you ask us which announcements we least liked to see (hint: those that continued to give huge amounts away to the rich whilst penalising the poor).

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