Deal of the week: Double your kids’ money this Christmas

8 December 2017

Invest in your children’s future and Orbis Access will double your investment, up to a limit of £100.

What’s the deal exactly?

Open a Junior Isa for your child with Orbis Access and it will match your first investment, up to a £100 limit.

The offer runs until 22 January 2018 and also applies to those who transfer an existing Isa to Orbis and subsequently invest.

You can only hold one Cash and one Stocks and Shares version of the Junior Isa, but there is no limit to the number of times the offer can be claimed. For instance, if you have three children, you can claim a £100 for each child if they open or transfer an account.

The £100 offer is also available for adults opening an Orbis Access Isa or standard investment account.

Why should I care?

Opening an investment account is a great way to build a nest egg for your children.

A Moneywise poll in October 2017 found that 25% of readers use a Stocks and Shares Junior Isa to put cash aside for their kids and grandchildren.

This was ahead of cash savings accounts (21%) and Cash Junior Isas (19%).

What’s the catch?

Unlike adult Isas, you can only hold one Cash and one Stocks and Shares version of the Junior Isa at any time. This means if you already hold a Stocks and Shares Junior Isa elsewhere, you’ll have to transfer it to Orbis Access to claim this offer.

There is a minimum investment period of one year, but after that you’re free to move your cash elsewhere - including the £100 bonus.

Orbis Access charges no exit fees if you want to move your money in future.

However, do be aware that this is an investment product and the value of your investment may fall as well as rise – so you need to be comfortable taking this risk.

What other options do I have?

With Orbis, you are limited in the number of funds you can invest in as the Orbis Access Global Balanced Fund and Orbis Access Global Equity Fund are your only options.

If you’re looking for more fund choices, then you may want to shop around the market and opt for a different Isa provider that offers more choice. Read the Moneywise guide to the best Stocks and Shares Junior Isas for more information on the rest of the market.

Also, see our First 50 funds for beginner investors for fund ideas.

Where can I find out more?

Full details of the offer are available on the Orbis Access website.

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