EE customers to be hit with broadband price hikes

17 November 2017

EE is the latest telecoms provider to announce that customers will be hit with a series of price rises from 16 January 2018.

Customers will be contacted by letter or email from 13 November to 13 December 2017 to let them know about the specific changes to them.

EE won't divulge how many customers are affected or the exact amount broadband and homephone prices will rise by. It would only tell us that: “We need to increase monthly price plans and out of bundle charges to be able to continue to invest in the services we provide”. And that: “The actual change a customer will receive depends on the plan they are on, with some actually receiving a reduction in the amount they pay each month.”

The provider has however, confirmed that the following out of bundle call costs will increase as follows:

  • UK landline connection charge – rising from 20p to 21p
  • UK mobile connection charge – rising from 20p to 21p
  • UK landline call charge – rising from 12.5p to 13.5p
  • UK mobile call charge – rising from 15p to 16p
  • International connection charge – rising from 20p to 21p

If you have a discount on your plan, EE says this will not change. The price increase is applied to your existing monthly price plan cost and any discount is applied afterwards.

EE last increased home phone and broadband prices from 23 January 2017

I’m affected by the price change, what can I do?

EE says that if you are in contract, you may be liable to pay early termination charges. However, it adds that if you believe that you will be materially worse off, then you may be able to leave without paying a penalty. It advises customers to check their terms and conditions, which depend on when they signed up, or to contact it for more information.

What does EE say?

A spokesperson for EE says: “EE remains one of the most competitive providers in the market and we’re committed to offering our customers the best value and service. As part of this we’ve invested in improving our customer service team’s ability to provide the best possible service, and we remain one of the only providers to answer all of our customers’ calls in the UK and Ireland.”

Are other providers increasing prices?

So far this year, the following major telecoms companies have announced price hikes:

  • BT - customers will be hit with inflation-busting landline, broadband and BT Sport rises from 7 January 2018
  • Plusnet increased home phone prices from 29 June 2017
  • Sky raised broadband, TV and call prices from 1 March 2017 
  • TalkTalk increased call rates and legacy broadband and mobile prices from 1 August 2017
  • Virgin Media raised broadband, phone and TV prices from 1 November 2017.

See our Phone, mobile & broadband section for more telecoms news and tips on how to cut costs. 


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I signed up to an 18 month contract with EE (broadband &phone) in june 2017. I have now received an increase of £ 2 per month. If this is legal, what’s the point of a contract.

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Thinking of getting rid of landline, I'm looking at sim only deals using 4G, would workout a lot cheaper. 6GB for £15 a month, 750mins and unlimited text. Cheap at half the price.

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i have one of the slowestconnection for my computor in north derbyshire

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What is going on with telecom providers ? seems to me they are milking customers for all they can.....time Ofcom took a hard look at these people as with the power industry.

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