Theresa May pledges to “build more homes, more quickly”

16 November 2017

The Prime Minister is making it her personal mission to tackle Britain’s housing crisis and to “build more homes, more quickly”.

“For decades, we simply have not been building enough homes, nor have we been building them quickly enough, and we have seen prices rise,” she is expected to say in a planned visit to a housing scheme in north London today.

Ahead of today’s publication of new statistics on house building, she will add: “We must get back into the business of building the good quality new homes for people who need them most.”

“This will be a long journey and it will take time for us to fix the broken housing market, but I am determined to build a Britain fit for the future.”

Support for housing associations

Highlighting the need for more social housing, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid will speak later today in Bristol, announcing that the government will be making it easier for housing associations to borrow money so that they have a stable investment environment to build more homes.

His conclusion will be that “without affordable, secure, safe housing we risk creating a rootless generation, drifting from one short-term tenancy to the next, never staying long enough to play a role in their community”.

The Department for Communities and Local Government's Housing supply: net additional dwellings, England 2016-17 report, out today, reveals that:

Annual housing supply in England amunted to 217,350 net additional dwellings in 2016-17 - up 15% in 2015-16.

This figure consists of 183,570 new-build homes, 37,190 gains from change of use between non-domestic and residential, 5,680 from conversions between houses and flats and 720 other gains (caravans, house boats etc), offset by 9,820 demolitions.



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