Revealed: When to book to bag the cheapest flights

9 November 2017

Holidaymakers looking to snap up the best deal on flights should consider booking two months ahead of their holiday,  according to new research.

Fight comparison website, Momondo, analysed more than 100 million fares and found that the cheapest tickets are on sale just 60 days before the desired flight date, saving travellers up to 34%.

The most expensive day to book was generally on the day of the flight itself.

Which day of the week you choose to fly also has an impact on cost. The site found that the cheapest day to fly is on a Tuesday, saving an average of 11%. Saturday meanwhile, was found to be the most expensive day to depart.

Flying in the evening was also found to save on average 9% compared to flying in the morning or over lunchtime.

 Neil James Cartwright, spokesperson for Momondo, comments: “Our study shows the best time to travel varies depending on your final destination. For Brits travelling within Europe, it is more expensive to fly on Fridays than Saturdays, with flights that day on average 8% most costly. When it comes to making a bargain on a weekend trip, Brits should therefore consider flying on a Thursday instead.”

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