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2 November 2017

Make sure you're up to date with all the latest news, tips and guides by checking out the 10 most popular stories on in October 2017.

Just be aware that while these articles were correct at the time of writing, some of the figures or products may have since changed. Check out our Best Buy pages for weekly updated savings, Isas, credit cards, loans, and mortgage deals.

1. Virgin Money launches market-leading Cash Isas  - The provider has launched a range of market-leading Cash Isas, which enable savers to earn up to 2.4% in interest if they’re willing to lock their cash away for up to five years.

2. New Jane Austen tenner fetches £7,200 at auction  - A new £10 note featuring author Jane Austen has been sold at auction for £7,200, earning significantly more than its pre-auction valuation.

3. 50 ways to make money  - Household bills have risen 10 times faster than incomes have grown since the start of the financial crisis. But if you have already fine-tuned your household finances by cutting energy and food bills, as well as remortgaging, and are still struggling to find spare cash, what can you do? Help is at hand with Moneywise's 50 ideas to earn extra money.

4. How to get 3.22% interest on your £10,000 savings – the Moneywise model savings portfolio - Moneywise and Savings Champion have created a model savings portfolio which helps savers get the best return possible return on their cash.

5. Home Finances Awards 2017: The winners revealed - Looking to change energy or broadband suppliers? Or do you want to know which supermarket offers the best online delivery service? Perhaps you can’t decide between Netflix or Amazon Prime? Find out which household names came top in this year's awards.

6. State pension set to rise as inflation climbs to 3%  - Inflation has risen once again as consumers continue to battle against rising food and transport costs, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

7. Six savings accounts to beat inflation - While there are no open-to-all accounts that beat 3%, there are a small number of regular savings accounts which do pay more than inflation. 

8. Millions of children left out of pocket as parents choose cash  - Parents are leaving their children out of pocket by keeping their savings in cash and missing out on potentially higher returns from investment.

9. Table-topping savings rates of up to 2.46% unveiled by Ikano Bank  - The Swedish Bank leapt to the top of the Moneywise Best Buy tables after launching a range of savings accounts paying up to 2.46%.

10. Hotel booking websites under investigation by consumer watchdog - The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into hotel booking websites amid concerns that consumers are not getting a fair deal. 


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