TSB customers battle against app issues

30 October 2017

TSB has come under fire from customers who have encountered significant problems when using the bank’s mobile app.

Its new mobile banking app was first rolled out to customers in April and can be used on both Android and Apple devices.

However, users have been reporting numerous errors when they try to make payments, transfer money and cancel direct debits. In many instances the app has logged customers out of their account before the transaction has been completed.

TSB says it is aware of the issues and is “making continuous improvements” to its mobile app.

 ‘It is the most basic banking app I’ve ever used’

Reader Robert Craig contacted Moneywise to say he has frequently been logged out of the app when trying to conduct transactions on his mobile.

“The biggest issue is that users are logged out of the app almost as soon as you log in. This has been ongoing for over a month since the last release,” he says.

“The app lacks tons of functionality at present - it’s so basic - and is a step back for most.”

Mr Craig says he has now resorted to using the bank’s online banking due to the constant issues with the app.

“At a time when banks are trying to lure customers, many customers like me are looking for flexibility and convenience to bank on the go so a powerful app is key,” he adds. “I moved to TSB for the current account interest and now miss the app I had before with Barclays. It is the most basic banking app I’ve ever used.”

Fellow customer Sam Hay‏ has experienced similar issues. She says the app constantly logs her out when she tries to access her accounts.

“Why does your app always log me out straight away every time I log in?! So frustrating,” she told TSB on Twitter.

Paul Beebe says he was unable to cancel some of his direct debits because of issues with the app. He complained to the bank and was forced to use TSB’s online banking service on his computer instead.

When questioned by Moneywise, TSB said the number of customers who have lost out financially because of issues with the app is minimal. However, the bank is recommending any users who have suffered material loss because they have missed payments and gone overdrawn to contact the bank directly on 03459 758 758.

‘We are making good progress’

In a statement released to Moneywise, TSB says it is working hard to improve the app. It has now launched a special online help service for users who have faced problems. 

Its statement says: “We’ve been able to make fast and regular improvements because of the two-way conversation we’re having with customers – and we’re thankful for all the feedback that customers are giving us.

“We know for example that the proportion of people who would recommend the app has gone up significantly. We are making good progress and we’ll be continuing to make further improvements every month.”

The launch of the app was one of the first phases of TSB’s switchover to its own system from those of Lloyds Banking Group, which it split from in 2013.


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Had to download the new app as the old one now gone but as soon as I click on my account once signed in after about a second it immediately logs me out telling me to log in again !! Infuriating to say the least this is why I reverted back to the old app weeks ago as it worked fine and I even preferred the lay out it’s things like this that make me think about changing banks as if they can’t get the app right what hope do we have !!!!!!! Who can sort this out ?

TSB logs out too fast

TSB online banking is crap. Log out too fast when printing.

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