Ryanair delays cabin baggage allowance cuts

26 October 2017

Ryanair has delayed introducing cuts to its cabin baggage allowance, claiming customers are not yet familiar with its new policy.

The airline announced in September that it would no longer let travellers take two pieces of baggage into the cabin in a bid to reduce delays. 

These cuts were due to be implemented on Wednesday 1 November, but the airline has now pushed this back to Monday 15 January 2018.

This means passengers travelling over the busy Christmas period will be able to take one normal case (55cm x 40cm x 20cm, weighing up to 10kg) and one small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm, with no weight restriction) in the cabin.

The change will apply to all flights which depart on 15 January 2018 or later, regardless of when they were booked.

From this date onward, only priority boarding customers will be allowed to take two bags onto the aeroplane. Priority boarding costs £5 per flight on top of the standard ticket price, when purchased at the time of the flight booking.

The airline had also planned to lower charges for consumers looking to check baggage into the hold from 1 November. But this policy was brought forward and launched on 6 September, which means Ryanair now charges £25 for each checked bag, £10 cheaper than previously. At the same time the weight allowance for these bags rose from 15kg to 20kg. The airline says it hopes these changes will encourage more customers to check in baggage.

Ryanair has been a cause of controversy in recent months after cancelling hundreds of flights, often at the last minute. It now faces legal action from the Civil Aviation Authority after “persistently misleading passengers” regarding delays

Kenny Jacobs, chief marketing officer at Ryanair, says: “We will delay the introduction of our new cabin bag rules until 15 January 2018, to allow our customers more time to familiarise themselves with the policy changes.

“From January, we will be restricting non-priority customers to one small carry-on bag (their wheelie bag will be placed in the hold, free of charge at the boarding gate) which will speed up the boarding of flights and eliminate flight delays.”


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Talk about baggage, we took my daughter to Stansted for an 25 Anniversary trip to Rome,unfortunately we used Ryanair. The last time I used Ryanair for hold luggage we went to an area of two or three booking in staff to book in and take the luggage an place the label on the case. No problem. Very little congestion, now it has changed we had to join very long line of travellers to check in our hold luggage. You can see why Ryanair was doing this make you do the work, less staff to employ. But there was still some around as it was chaos. To top it off you have to get your own label which was very sticky to place on your Handel. Not very easy to get this right, you do this after a member of staff has checked your boarding pass and passport, then you place your luggage on a conveyor belt after checking you boarding pass again. Typical or Ryanair I will not use them again. This luggage we paid for, a joke.

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