Three in five car parking ticket appeals won

24 October 2017

Motorists issued with a parking ticket may want to consider appealing it as more than half (57%) of people win their case.

Among 1,000 car owners who’d had at least one parking ticket in the past year, nearly three in five who appealed their case won, according to a survey by consumer group Which?.

Almost two in three of the tickets (61%) were issued by a local council, compared with a third (36%) issued by a private company. But the success rates for appeals was broadly similar, with a 60% success rate for council tickets compared to a 54% rate for private companies.

However, despite the appeals’ success rate, fewer than half of people surveyed (41%) appealed, and almost one in four (22%) didn’t even know they could challenge a parking ticket.

Alex Neill, Which? managing director of home products and services, says: “If you think you have been issued a parking ticket unfairly, our advice is to challenge it.

“Our research shows it pays to appeal, with hundreds of consumers successfully overturning parking fines and saving themselves money in the process.”

Different rules govern a penalty charge notice (PCN) issued by a local council and a ticket issued by a private company. Councils are legally obliged to provide information to consumers on how to appeal a PCN, while private companies must belong to an accredited trade association to legally issue a parking ticket, says Which?.

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