Stocks and Shares Junior Isas are Moneywise users’ top pick when saving for children

20 October 2017

Stocks and Shares Junior Isas are the most popular product for parents and grandparents’ saving for children, the results of’s latest poll reveal.

A quarter (25%) of those who voted said a Stocks and Shares Junior Isa is where they put money when saving for kids in the family.  

In contrast, Cash Junior Isas were only the third most popular product, with just under two in 10 (19%) saying they use these.

Junior Isas (also referred to as Jisas) are tax-free savings accounts for under 18s. This tax year you can save up to £4,128 in a Jisa. This allowance can be split across both Stocks and Shares and Cash Jisas or saved in just the one Jisa type.

Although fund performance cannot be guaranteed, it is likely that a Jisa invested in a portfolio of well-chosen investment funds will grow faster than the cash equivalent, when invested over a period of at least five years.

Going back to the poll results, cash savings accounts were the most popular product after Stocks and Shares Jisas, receiving 21% of the votes. However, unlike Jisas, these are accounts are not tax-free.  See the Best stocks and shares Junior Isas.

These were followed by investment trust savings schemes (11%), premium bonds (10%), pensions (5%), and direct shareholdings (1%).

A further 8% selected ‘Other’, with responses given ranging from the likes of Child Trust Funds to property, and even (slightly worryingly) "under the carpet". 

See the full poll results in the pie chart below:


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As a grandparent, I can't see the advantage of putting money for grandchildren into a junior ISA, since they all have charges, which are often higher than the fee from the investment trust or ETF which does the actual investment. And very few children have enough income to be taxpayers.Have I got this wrong?

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