Funny money: Forgetful travellers leave £200,000 on the tube

20 October 2017

More than £200,000 in cash was left on the London Underground and other public transport in the capital last year.

Travellers using buses, trains and the tube mislaid £203,583 in the 2016/17 financial year, figures released by Transport for London (TfL) show.

Any lost coins and notes are collected by the organisation and held for a period of 12 months for customers to claim. After this, the money is used to fund the cost of TfL’s lost property service.

In addition, 34,322 mobile phones were separated from their owners and 5,505 pieces of jewellery were found on services in London during the last year, with only a fraction of the lost items being reunited with their owner.

Just 4% of the lost jewellery was reclaimed by the end of the year.

There were also 46,318 bags, 12,742 sets of keys and 1,259 laptops lost on public transport last year.

TfL says the majority of unclaimed items are donated to charity, although those with a resale value are sold at public auction. 

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