Britain’s silliest street names: Would you live in Spanker Lane?

5 October 2017

Living in a road with a rude or silly name could deter buyers, according to new research.

With the help of Zoopla data, online estate agent House Simple compared the number of house sales over the past 20 years on streets with unusual names, such as Backside Lane, Dumbwomans Lane, and Spanker Lane, and compared them with neighbouring streets with more neutral names. It found that the number of house sales in streets with silly names were almost four times higher.

House sales in Dumbwomans Lane, in Rye, in Spiders Lane, in Exmouth, and in Lickers Lane, in Prescott, have seen fewer property sales since 1997 – down by -333%, -308% and -306% respectively.

Buyers also seem to be put off living in a road that shares its name with a Soviet dictator – Stalin Road in Colchester has had 67% fewer house sales than neighbouring Barn Hall Avenue.

Other turn-offs are Loveless Gardens in Gateshead and Rats Lane in Loughton, which have had just four and five sales respectively since 1997.

But some silly-named streets have bucked this trend, with their names seemingly appealing to buyers. Crotch Crescent in Marston and Titty Ho in Wellingborough have performed better than neutrally named nearby streets by 15% and 34% respectively.

"Buyers will often pay more to live on an avenue or crescent versus a street or road. However, the actual name of a street could also have a significant impact on the saleability and value of your house, says Alex Gosling, House Simple’s chief executive.

“An unusual street name shouldn’t be the reason you don’t buy a property, particularly if it’s your dream house, but just bear in mind that you’re going to be reminded daily of the street you live on, so you need to be comfortable with the name if it’s a little out of the ordinary.”

The following table lists how some of the nation’s silliest street names have fared over the past 20 years when it comes to house sales.


Unusual street name



Neighbouring street






% lower/higher house sales on unusual streets since 1997


Dumbwomans Lane

Station Road



Spiders Lane

Lime Grove



Lickers Lane

Parkwood Road



Loveless Gardens

Henderson Gardens



Devils Lane

Chiltley Lane



Cockshot Road

Chart Lane




Sylvan Ridge



Spanker Lane

Shop Lane

Nether Heage


Stalin Road

Barn Hall Avenue



Rats Lane

Manor Road



Snakes Lane

Western Approaches



Backside Lane

Glebe Street



Chicken Road

High View North



Adolf Street

Amulf Street



Crotch Crescent

Derwent Avenue



Titty Ho

Wellington Road




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