Deal of the week: Upgrade to first class train travel for £5 with Virgin

29 September 2017

Travel in style with a first class upgrade from just £5 with Virgin Trains East Coast and the Seatfrog app.

What’s the deal exactly?

The Seatfrog app lets customers with a Virgin Trains East Coast standard class advance ticket bid for an upgrade to first class for their journey, subject to availability.

Customers make a bid for the upgrade before the journey begins and the person who holds the highest bid when the Seatfrog auction ends wins the upgrade. Prices start at £5 and you will also have access to the first class lounge at your departure station, if it has one.

The app is available on both Android and Apple devices.

Why should I care?

Standard class rail travel in the UK is expensive, with first class tickets costing even more. For example, a first class anytime fare between Edinburgh Waverley and London King’s Cross costs an eye-watering £241 with Virgin Trains East Coast.

Shorter journeys are also pricey with a one-hour journey between Newcastle and York setting you back £60.50 for a first class anytime single, also with Virgin Trains East Coast.

This offer gives you the chance to upgrade your standard class advance ticket to first class travel without breaking the bank.

What’s the catch?

This offer only applies to the Virgin Trains East Coast route and is not available for journeys on Virgin Trains services elsewhere in the country. Seatfrog says it hopes to add more rail companies in future.

You must have purchased your original ticket through the Virgin Trains East Coast website.

Seatfrog says both peak and off-peak services are included in the upgrade offer, but quieter services are more likely to have availability.

If you’re travelling as a group each person will have to install the Seatfrog app in order to bid for a seat. Plus there is no guarantee you will be seated together in first class.

What other options do I have?

If you’re able to book well in advance of your journey you’re likely to save significantly. Read the Moneywise guide to cutting your train costs to find out more ways to save money on your fare.

Where can I find out more?

Full details of the offer are available on the Seatfrog website


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Can u tell me how much it would cost for first class to go to london from leeds for 2 adults on the 23 Rd October 2017 and returning on Friday 27th and if there is going to any train strike as the media said there was going to be a strike in october

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