Deal of the week: Save £150 on a Samsung Galaxy S8 when you trade in your old iPhone

22 September 2017

Trade in your old iPhone to receive a discount of up to £156 on the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphones.

What’s the deal exactly?

Samsung has launched a scheme which lets consumers trade in their old iPhone and receive a discount on the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, the S8 and S8+.

Until 8 October, if you place an order for a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, you’ll be given the option to send Samsung your old iPhone (must be an iPhone 4 or later), which will enable you to get a discount of £156 on the S8 and £113 on the S8+. This brings the purchase cost down to £533 and £666 respectively.

However, this price isn’t paid upfront, as payments are instead spread, interest free, over two years. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would cost an initial deposit of £53.30 plus monthly payments of £19.99 for 24 months.

While no interest is charged, this is a credit agreement with Close Brothers, so be prepared to be credit checked.

Why should I care?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 normally costs £689 while the S8+ is £779. This means you can save £156 on the S8 and £113 on the S8+ by taking advantage of this offer.

What’s the catch?

The iPhone you swap must be an iPhone 4 or newer, be able to power up and cannot be a blacklisted device, i.e. a phone which has been reported as stolen.

This deal is just for the phone itself and does not include any calls, data or texts. You will need to purchase a SIM card from a mobile phone provider, so use a price comparison website such as MoneySupermarket or uSwitch to see what deals are available.

As noted above, it’s important to understand that by taking this deal you’re entering into a credit agreement.

What other options do I have?

If you have the more recent iPhone 7, you may find it more profitable to trade it in for cash using a phone recycling service, such as Envirofone or Mazuma, and then use that cash to buy a new phone.

For example, trading in an iPhone 4 8GB will earn just £2 from Envirofone but the latest iPhone 7 32GB is worth at least £250, which is more than the Samsung offer.

But remember these phone recycling services will pay less if your phone is damaged whereas Samsung only requires the phone to power up.

Use websites, such as Sellmymobile and Comparemymobile, to find out which recycling service will offer you the most money.

Where can I find out more?

You can read the full terms and conditions on the Samsung website.


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Offer also available when trading in Samsung phone no older than S4.Kind regards Paul

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