Moneywise investors keep faith in Woodford

20 September 2017

Over half (51%) of users who voted in our latest poll say they will remain invested in Neil Woodford’s CF Woodford Equity Income fund – a Moneywise First 50 fund - despite its poor performance of late.

This 51% is broken down into 44% who currently invest in CF Woodford Equity Income and will continue to do so at their current investment level, and 7% who already invest in the fund but who plan to increase their holdings.

A further 8% of those who voted don’t currently invest in the fund but plan to add it to their investment portfolio going forward.

The fund invests in UK companies and aims to provide both capital growth and a reasonable level of income from dividend payments.

But we polled our readers on whether they would buy, hold or sell the fund after the ‘star’ fund manager apologised for the fund’s -0.6% loss over the past year.  

However, it seems lower than expected performance has had an impact on just over one in 10 (12%) of those who voted - with 8% saying they’ve sold or plan to sell all their holdings in the fund, and 4% saying they plan to sell some of their Equity Income holdings.

Nearly a third (29%) who voted don’t invest in CF Woodford Equity Income and have no plans to do so in future.

Mr Woodford currently manages two other funds: CF Woodford Income Focus and Woodford Patient Capital Trust.

See the pie chart below for the full poll results. 


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I have a decent holding in Woodford's Equity Income fund but will not contemplate adding to it as there are other excellent managers out there who do not get the headlines that surround Woodford. but are consistently good.In my opinion, the last year's performance has relegated him to the lower rank of managers, and I would advise looking beyond the past hype and instead consider other managers such as Giles Hargreave and Harry Nimmo who just keep quietly beavering away through the years producing solid returns.

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