Broadband users may be overpaying as contract uncertainty reigns

14 September 2017

Broadband users should check they’re not overpaying for their service as confusion reigns about contract terms and what package is actually needed.

According to research by price comparison website Comparethemarket, more than one in 10 (13%) admit to having no idea how much they pay for their broadband package, while another 13% said they didn’t know if bills had gone up, down or stayed the same for the last three years.

Over half (52%) of those surveyed said they didn’t know what broadband speed they needed, while one third (33%) said they didn’t know when their contract expires.

Nearly six in 10 (59%) said their broadband provider hadn’t even notified them when their contract was coming to an end.

This means households could be languishing on expensive rates when they could save by switching to a new deal.

Peter Earl, head of energy & utilities at Comparethemarket, says: “Not only are many customers unaware of the length of their contract, a significant proportion do not know how much their package is costing them, or even if they need the connection speed they are paying for.

“We would always recommend that consumers review their broadband package carefully on an annual basis to ensure they are not overpaying and that their bills have not been hiked without them realising.”

You can use Moneywise’s broadband tool to compare prices and use telecom regulator Ofcom’s broadband checker app or browser to check the speed you’re getting from your provider.

Typically, you only need faster broadband speeds if you stream or download a lot of TV and films online, if you play online gaming or if lots of people will be using your broadband at the same time on multiple devices. 

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