Deal of the week: Free £80 security camera if you get Co-op insurance

8 September 2017

Take out a motor insurance policy with Co-operative Insurance to receive a free dashboard camera or a home insurance policy to get a free home security camera worth up to £79.99.

What’s the deal exactly?

New Co-op Insurance customers who take out a combined buildings and contents home insurance policy will receive a free indoor security camera worth £79.99 when they take out a policy between now and 20 September 2017.

New car insurance customers will receive a free dashboard camera worth £59.99 when they take out a policy also between now and 20 September 2017.

A new customer is defined as someone who has not had a policy of the same type from Co-op Insurance within the last 12 months.

Eligible customers could receive both free cameras if they take out both buildings and contents and car insurance policies.

Why should I care?

At present, just 14% of UK homes have some form of security camera installed, according to the Co-op. These devices, which are set up on the inside of property to look through your windows onto the outside, can offer homeowners peace of mind as they send alerts when motion is detected outside.

Dashboard cameras meanwhile, record the view from the front windscreen of a car and can be used by drivers and insurers in the event of a road traffic incident.

What’s the catch?

As outlined above, this offer is only available to new customers and you must purchase your policy between now and 20 September 2017.

Policies must start on or before the 19 October 2017 and customers should receive their free camera 90 days after the start date.

The policy must also be purchased directly from the Co-operative itself and not through a third party or price comparison website.

However, even though this is a freebie worth £79.99, always compare insurance prices across the market first as you may be able to save more than the price of the camera depending on the level of cover you’re looking for.

Use a price comparison website and then cross reference these prices against the quote you’re given from the Co-op website.

What other options do I have?

As outlined above, use a price comparison website to see what other providers are offering. Also consider calling your existing home and car insurance providers to haggle down the cost of your renewal quote.

Other providers also run offers, such as Post Office Money. It guarantees to beat any car insurance renewal price by at least £50, although this offer is restricted to over 50s. So, have a look at what’s on offer before plumping for the Co-op.

Where can I find out more?

Full details and the link to subscribe are available on the Co-operative Insurance website.

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