Ryanair cuts cabin baggage allowance to ‘eliminate flight delays'

6 September 2017

Travellers with Ryanair will no longer be able to take two pieces of baggage into the cabin as the airline has announced plans to change its rules.

Ryanair says that too many customers are taking two pieces of baggage into the cabin, something which is causing delays to its flights.

At present, passengers are allowed one normal case (55cm x 40cm x 20cm, weighing up to 10kg) and one small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm, with no weight restriction) in the cabin.

However, from 1 November, passengers with standard tickets will only be allowed to bring the smaller bag on board.

They can still take the larger ‘hand luggage’ case with them but it will be taken and placed into the hold - free of charge - at the gate. The size and weight restrictions will remains the same.

The change applies to all flights which depart on 1 November 2017 or later, regardless of when they were booked.

Only priority boarding customers will be allowed to take two bags onto the aeroplane. Priority boarding costs £5 per flight on top of the standard ticket price, when purchased at the time of the flight booking.

Ryanair to cut hold luggage costs

In a separate change, Ryanair is reducing the cost of checking a larger bag into the hold to make purchasing hold luggage more attractive.

From 1 November, it will charge £25 for each checked bag, £10 cheaper than at present. At the same time the weight allowance for these bags will rise from 15kg to 20kg.

This brings Ryanair into line with its major competitor easyJet, which charges between £13 and £30 for hold luggage weighing up to 20kg – although here, the exact price depends on the easyJet route being travelled.

Ryanair ‘hopes to speed up boarding’

Kenny Jacobs, chief marketing officer at Ryanair, says: “We believe offering bigger bags at reduced fees will encourage more customers to consider checking-in a bag, which will reduce the high volume of customers we have with two carry-on bags at the boarding gates, which is causing flight delays due to large numbers of gate bag and cabin bag offloads.

“We hope that by restricting non-priority customers to one small carry-on bag – their wheelie bag must be placed in the hold, free of charge at the boarding gate – this will speed up the boarding of flights and eliminate flight delays being caused by not having sufficient overhead cabin space on busy flights to accommodate over 360 (182 customers x two bags) carry-on bags.

“These lower bag fees and increased bag size allowances will come into play for all bookings for travel after 1 November, and we hope our customers will enjoy the savings of our new simplified bag policy.”


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Hi John, under the new rules you will only be able to take one small bag into the cabin. Unless you pay for priority boarding you will be required to put your larger bag into the hold. You will have to hand your larger bag over at the gate, rather than the check-in desk.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

This ( yet again ) change in baggage allowance gets more confusing by the minute. Does it mean that only a small lady's bag can now go into the cabin ? or does it mean that all standard cabin bags go into the hold ? if so were do you leave your SCB at the check in desk free or do you hand your SCB at the gate. If the latter applies then there will be a big pile af SCB to then take out to the planes hold. If you ask me this is full scale cock up!

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Statement above is incorrect, it states 182 X 2. Over 360. But actually only 182 would be allowed overhead as the smaller one should go under the seat. When we last travelled with Ryanair two weeks ago they were taking all cases at the gates and when we were on, half the overhead space was empty.

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