Splash out on your bathroom to boost your home’s value

1 September 2017

Investing in wall and floor tiles, with good quality grouting, is the bathroom feature that will add the most value to your home, according to new research by an online retailer.

Showerstoyou.co.uk asked 32 estate agents, property professionals and designers around the UK which features are the most likely to add value when renovating a bathroom.

After tiles and grouting, which was cited the top feature by 76% of those polled, an electric or power shower came next (70%) and a decent sized sink, toilet and shower/bath came in third as the feature most likely to add value (66%).

Surprisingly, property professionals would not be impressed by under-floor heating in a bathroom, with only 34% considering it as a worthwhile investment.

Splash out on your bathroom to boost your home’s value

However, the general consensus was that homeowners should aim for more than one of these elements to add value to their bathroom.

Commenting on the research, Dan Gates, a property investor and analyst, says: “A second bathroom or improvements to an existing bathroom doesn’t have to be a complex process. I believe appearance is the underrated key to it all. While it’s popular to splatter white paint and fixtures across the bathroom, it may come across as too boring.

“When giving the bathroom a lick of paint, choose soft colours as dark colours may make the bathroom feel confined and smaller. Additionally, integrating features such as a heated towel rail and power shower could add vast appeal in the eyes of prospective buyers”.

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