Aldi shoppers double charged following ‘technical issue’

25 August 2017

Aldi customers who shop at the budget supermarket chain should check their receipts and bank statements now, as they may have been double charged.

According to Aldi’s Twitter page, “some” customers who shopped at the store on 4 or 7 August 2017 were charged twice for their transaction, with a second payment taken on 24 August.

The supermarket says it’s since reversed this overpayment but Moneywise has seen at least one shopper on social media claiming they’ve yet to be refunded.

An Aldi spokesperson told Moneywise: “A processing error led to a number of our customers at some of our Midlands stores being charged again on Thursday 24 August for transactions originally made on Friday 4 and Monday 7 August. All affected customers were automatically reimbursed within 24 hours.
“We are sorry for this error and any inconvenience caused to our customers. The issue is now resolved, but if customers require any further assistance, we advise them to contact our customer services team on 0800 042 0800, or by emailing”

Aldi adds that the issue affected "less than 4% of transactions originally processed on Friday 4 and Monday 7 August" but it hasn't told us how many customers this would equate to or whether this issue affected debit card or credit card users or both.

In terms of customers who’ve been charged overdraft fees because of this unexpected payment, Aldi advises shoppers to contact their bank as well as itself - although it stopped short of saying it would reimburse people.

If you’ve been left out of pocket as a result of being hit with overdraft fees, contact the supermarket to complain via the contact details above and include proof of the fees – for example a copy of your bank or credit statement or bill. Plus, explain to your bank or card provider what's happened and ask it to reverse any charges.

Aldi was hit by a similar issue in 2014 where customers were also double charged.

Here’s a selection of some of the complaints we’ve seen on Twitter today about the double payment:

  • @bcshaz: @AldiUK £43 out of acct today for a shop on 7/8/17 which has already gone out So paid twice for same shop 3wks apart. I hope I'll get it bk?[sic]
  • @joncoopermusic: ‪#fraud‪ Thanks @AldiUK for charging me twice for groceries I bought 3 weeks ago. Apparently you have #rippedoff alot of customers this way. [sic]
  • @AdamGreen19: Anyone who has made card payment at @AldiUK last couple weeks, check your account today as they are taking the money out twice [sic]
  • @sonco2010: @AldiUK Hi you have taken 2 payment of 84.40 from my bank account, one dated from 8th August which is correct other yesterday,??????? [sic]


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