Rock star neighbours and cockerels crowing: House buyers reveal the most off-putting noises

18 August 2017

House sellers may struggle to offload their property if they are plagued by rowdy neighbours and other noises, according to new research.

Estate agent Jackson-Stops & Staff found that just under two-thirds (63%) of prospective buyers would be put off buying a house if they became aware of regular noise issues from neighbours, even if it was their “dream home”.

The single most unpopular noise was judged to be a loud bass being played by neighbours every night, which 69% of prospective buyers said would put them off, no matter the discount.

This was followed by noisy neighbours hosting regular parties or engaging in DIY or other loud activities (63%), disturbance from people leaving a nearby pub or club (63%), while nearly half (47%) of home buyers would not be tempted by a discount if the house was under a low flight path.

At the opposite end of the scale, cockerels crowing and church bells ringing would only put off 22% and 18% of house buyers respectively.

Nick Leeming, Jackson-Stops & Staff chairman, comments: “Our research shows that while many sellers are primarily focused on what their house looks like when preparing it for sale, a huge consideration to potential buyers is the surrounding noise they may encounter on viewings.

“Next door neighbours making a racket with music, parties, drilling and similar activities is the greatest irritant to potential buyers and for many people will be an absolute barrier to buying that home. ‘Pleasant’ noise like church bells ringing or farmyard animals are most likely to be overlooked by house hunters entirely, proving that not all noise is vexatious.”

See the table below for the most unacceptable noises to home-buyers:


 Percentage of home buyers who would not move in to such a  property - no matter what the discount



Regular loud music with a clear bass being played by the neighbours every night


Neighbours who engage in noisy activities at least three times a week e.g. use DIY tools such as electric drills and sanders or host parties


Loud and noisy people leaving a nearby nightclub or pub (on the same street as the property) on most nights


Aeroplanes flying low over the property


Trains passing regularly (such as twice an hour) next to the property


Noisy traffic from a nearby main road


Cheering and roaring from a nearby sports stadium on match days


Cockerel crowing every morning 


Church bells ringing every morning


Source: Jackson-Stops & Staff, August 2017.


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Herring gulls are far worse than cockerels. They start at around 3.30 am. in the summer and go on all day, every day except when there is a storm. I now absolutely loathe them and look forward to bad weather because I might get a good night's sleep.

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