Moneywise users prefer paper communication

17 August 2017

Over a third (37%) of users prefer to receive bills and statements from financial firms and home finance providers by post.

However, only if it’s free of charge. None of those who voted in our latest poll said their preferred method to receive information is by paid-for post.

A further 2% said their preference is for postal communication but only if it’s on recycled paper.

In contrast, just over a quarter (26%) said they are happy with electronic or online communication.

A quarter meanwhile, like the best of both worlds, with 25% saying they prefer a combination of paper and electronic communication.

Representatives from charities and businesses have partnered to create the ‘Keep me posted’ campaign, which calls on service providers to give customers the choice of having paper bills and statements free of charge. 

See the pie chart below for the full poll results. 

Moneywise users prefer paper communication

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