Brexit concern increases among Moneywise users

10 August 2017

Just over a year on from the referendum vote to leave the EU, only a quarter (25%) of Moneywise users say they’re not worried about Brexit having an impact on their finances, according to our latest poll results.

This is down from the third (34%) who said they weren’t worried back in February when MPs voted in favour of activating Article 50 – the Brexit trigger.

The 25% figure is, however, an increase from the 21% who said they weren’t concerned immediately following the Brexit vote in June 2016.

Of those who are concerned about the financial impact of Brexit, interest rates remaining low is still consumers’ biggest concern, receiving 24% of the votes. This was followed by falling investment and annuity rates impacting pensions (17%).

This echoes February’s poll results where 18% said they were most concerned about the impact on their savings, while 17% were worried about their pensions.

In contrast, in the weeks following the referendum vote, pensions were the biggest worry for Moneywise readers, receiving 28% of the votes, followed by falling savings rates with 21% of the votes.

One in 10 (14%) are also still mostly concerned by the devaluing of the pound affecting exchange rates when they go on holiday. This is the same percentage of people as our February poll result, but an increase on the 8% who were most worried by this element of their finances in June 2016.

See the three pie charts below for the full poll results.

Brexit sentiment poll: August 2017

Brexit sentiment poll: February 2017

Brexit sentiment poll: June/July 2017 


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I'm very concerned that the Conservatives are giving increasing power to companies and tearing up employee rights - it's turning into a dangerous farce under the Tories and turning the UK into a very dangerous time for the low waged people. The Conservatives are turning Brexit into the most profitable (for them and their donors) at the risk of ruining it for everyone in the UK.

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I am fed up to my back teeth with all you people carping on about how terrible Brexit MIGHT be when really you just do not know. A few years ago 1975 I think, we had the three idiots (Heath Wilson & Jenkins) telling us how wonderful the EEC was. Well they convinced me and I voted in.How wrong they were, and no one mentioned that the non elected Commissars wanted a Political union. United States of Europe, what a farce, and they are in charge, can't even balance the books for the last 10 years, never mind manage to run their own place of work. Now they want to spend many billions on a new monolith for themselves, probably in both places as they do now. Wasting our money moving between two places each month. Too many grandiose useless schemes just to glorify themselves.

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