New app helps block nuisance mobile calls

9 August 2017

A new app to help people screen nuisance calls to their mobile phone and make it easier for mobile users to log complaints about potential scams has been launched by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

TPS Protect promises to not only help users avoid calls to their mobile that are annoying at best or scams at worst, but it also collects feedback from users by registering numbers that are blocked, reported or complained about to give the number an overall ‘trust score’ of one to five – one being least trustworthy and five being most trustworthy.  

These scores appear on your mobile screen when you receive incoming calls, so it can help users decide whether to answer their phone when it rings.

During the app registration process, users can also make sure that their mobile phone number is registered with the TPS, the official opt out register for people that do not want to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

A basic version of the app is available free of charge, however there are additional paid for features which are available for free on a 60-day trial but cost 99p a month thereafter.

These features include the ability to create your own ‘blocked’ and ‘approved’ lists of numbers. For example, it is possible to screen out all calls with a trust score below five – the maximum level of protection. This would ensure that only telemarketers that have had a very low level of complaints would be able to get through on your phone.

Users are also able to customise their lists to allow calls from specific groups to get through, for example charities.

If you opt into the free trial you won’t automatically roll onto the paid-for subscription, the paid-for services will simply stop working and you’ll be asked if you’d like to become a paid-for subscriber.

‘Your voice matters’

Commenting on the launch, John Mitchison, head of the TPS says: “When it comes to scam and nuisance callers, don't fight a lone battle. Stand up. Join the growing movement of people fighting back.

“TPS Protect is an app for your phone that rates incoming calls using information from consumers. Each rating helps callers decide how trusted an unfamiliar call could be, from scammers with criminal intentions to someone you can trust. When scam calls get reported, their trust score drops. So your voice matters.”


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Don't have a lot of faith in TPS, I have been registered with them for a while now and I haven't noticed that their involvement in stopping nuisance calls to be very effective at all.

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So TPS are not going to give you much protection unless you pay for it!

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I was prepared to download this TPS app, to prevent unwarranted calls. But on going to Google Play to download, it was clear that the number of poor reviews outweighed the good ones, so I'll wait until the gliches have been ironed out before downloading.

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Is there a governing body that one can contact who can take issue with percistent nuisance calls even when you have asked them to delete you number from there date base. Your feed back would be help full.YoursJ.L.Feltham

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That's a laugh when the tps cannot stop landline nuisance calls even when you are registered with them!

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A system which blocks calls based on CLI is doomed to failure. The scammers already have ways to fake the CLI and they change the displayed number frequently. Once they change their fake CLI to be that belonging to a genuine and well-known organisation, all hell will break loose.

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