Premier League players could pay off average house in minutes

8 August 2017

Following Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain for a record-breaking fee of £198 million, new research looks at how fast some of the Premier League's top players could buy an average-priced house in the UK.

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, who earns £290,000 a week, could buy an average priced house in the city for £172,528 after playing for just 54 minutes. However, one of his fans on an average salary of £533 a week would have to work for 1,618 days, 11 hours and five minutes to buy the same house, research by MatchedBets* reveals.

In more affluent Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas, who earns £220,000 a week, would have to work for four hours and eight minutes to buy a £607,112 property outright. In contrast, a fan on an average salary of £575 a week would have to work for 5,279 days, five hours and 28 minutes.

Meanwhile, Leicester’s James Vardy, who earns £100,000 a week, would have to work for three hours and six minutes to buy an average £206,560 in the city – as compared with a fan’s £475 weekly salary, which would take 2,174 days, seven hours and 35 minutes to buy the same property.



To see how fast it would take some of your favourite players to score on the property front, see the table below:



* Matched betting makes use of bookmakers’ free bet offers to gain a risk-free qualifying bet by making two bets where the odds cancel each other out so that you make a profit regardless of outcome. It is complicated and should be approached with caution. Moneywise does not endorse it as it could result in users moving on to gambling. If problem gambling is affecting you, or those close to you, contact GamCare: .

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