Sky launches ‘first of its kind’ loyalty scheme

3 August 2017

Sky broadband and TV customers can join the telecom provider’s new loyalty scheme from today.

While loyalty schemes are rife in the retail sector, Sky says its new loyalty programme, called ‘Sky VIP’, is the first of its kind in the TV and broadband market. 

Of course, it’s not worth staying with your provider just for the loyalty scheme – you may be able to switch to another provider to make bigger savings on your bills than what the loyalty scheme provides. So don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.  

How does the loyalty scheme work?

Under the loyalty scheme, the longer you’ve been a customer the better rewards you’ll be offered.

Each rewards tier gives more benefits, but you’ll still get access to the rewards in the previous levels too.  

The scheme is also backdated – so if you’ve already been with Sky for say eight years, you’ll automatically get access to the rewards for this category.

Here’s how the scheme works:

Sky VIP Silver – for those who’ve been with Sky for up to three years: You’ll get a free welcome gift of a movie worth up to £13.99 from the Sky store to buy and keep. This can be downloaded on up to four devices and you will also receive a DVD in the post. Plus, you'll get entry into exclusive prize draws, which includes trips to visit Game of Thrones filming locations. Free VIP tickets will also be given out to events across the country, such as sports fixtures including the British Masters and the Premier League, cinema previews, and to other events including being in the audience for Sky TV shows.  

Sky VIP Gold – for those who’ve been with Sky for between three and eight years: You’ll get free ‘Sky Go Extra’, which means you can download Sky shows to watch when and where you want. You’ll also get access to ‘Sky Atlantic VIP’ – a new channel where you can watch some of Sky Atlantic’s new shows 24 hours before anyone else.  

Sky VIP Platinum – for those who’ve been with Sky for between eight and 15 years: You’ll get free ‘Sky Fibre’ set-up worth £50 plus £10 postage and packaging - although you will have to pay for the monthly fibre subscription. From September, you’ll also have access to Sky’s ‘Mobile Piggy Bank Boost’, which enables you to get a free data boost to your Sky Mobile (if you have one).

Sky VIP Black – for those who’ve been with Sky for more than 15 years: You’ll get free ‘Sky Q’ set-up, which normally costs £115. Plus, you’ll have access to a dedicated phone number to speak to a special Sky VIP advisor.

Sky adds that “more benefits and rewards will be added in coming months”.

How do I join the scheme?

To join the scheme, you must be a Sky broadband and/or a Sky TV customer. Now TV (which is owned by Sky) customers cannot get this deal.

Those who are need to download the ‘My Sky’ app from iTunes or Google Play. On getting the app, you’ll be told your membership tier and be given access to claim the free film welcome gift.

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