Funny money: Marmite most confiscated brand at airport

1 August 2017

Marmite is the most common branded item to be confiscated from hand luggage at London City Airport.

But passengers at the airport were yesterday given the opportunity to swap confiscated large jars of Marmite for a smaller, travel-friendly pot.

London City Airport says jars of the brown stuff are the most common food item to be confiscated from hand luggage because they usually exceed the 100ml restriction for liquids, gels and pastes.

However, following a collaboration between Marmite and the airport, prohibited jars could – for one day only – be exchanged for a smaller 70g jar. The confiscated jars were donated to charities.

According to London City Airport, this was busiest day of the year with an anticipated 17,500 travellers passing through.

If the amnesty is successful, Marmite is reportedly considering rolling the scheme out at airports across the country.

In the meantime, Marmite lovers that can’t face thought of a week without their yeasty goo can stock up on the 70g jars at £1 a pop from stores including Caledonian Stores, Co-op, Poundland, Poundworld, and Boots’ airport outlets.

Melanie Burnley, director of customer experience at London City Airport, says: “With 4.5 million passengers travelling through our doors each year we see all kinds of weird and wonderful restricted items including Marmite.

“The Marmite swap is a temporary but popular addition which means that whether you love it or hate it you’ll still be able to get your Marmite fix when travelling from London City Airport. For any other liquid or gel items above 100ml, it’s best to pack them safely in hold luggage.”

Other items frequently taken off passengers include snow globes, jams, Nutella and other spreads, wines, spirits, olive oil, pickles and, don’t laugh… furry handcuffs.


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Marmite, Nutella? No wonder there are gigantic cases being crammed into overheads. Hint to people who maybe don't know - just guessing here - Nutella is certainly available from shops everywhere - you can buy the fat and sugar filled spread all over the world.

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