Green providers take on brown suppliers in energy price war

20 June 2017

Green energy providers are taking on traditional brown suppliers that produce energy from polluting sources, such as oil or coal. The cheapest green tariff is now just £8 a year more expensive than then cheapest brown deal on the market.

Price comparison website, says this £8 difference compares to a £110 difference in the cheapest prices a year ago. It’s also a £272 saving compared to the the average big six standard tariff of £1,138 a year. Following recent price rises, 24 green plans are now cheaper than this.  

Moneywise highlighted earlier this year that the price gap between brown and green tariffs was closing. See Is it time to switch to green energy? for more information on how green providers compare.

uSwitch also found that over a quarter (28%) of energy customers are now more likely to choose an environmentally-friendly deal than they were three years ago, with 18% saying they’d be willing to pay up to £50 more per year for a green tariff.

Claire Osborne, uSwitch energy expert, says: “Green energy tariffs are now within easy reach of consumers who want to limit their carbon footprint but don’t want to break the bank. It currently costs just 2p a day to go green when compared to the cheapest deal on the market.”

With green tariffs – depending on how much green energy the provider promises to supply – for every unit of electricity or gas used, the same amount is produced and put back into the grid from a renewable source. Most green providers supply 100% green electricity and a proportion of green gas.

Use our energy comparison tool to see if you can switch and save. 


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