Deal of the Week: 20% Father’s Day gift card discount at Asda

9 June 2017

Father’s Day is on the horizon and if your dad is difficult to buy presents for, Asda may have the perfect solution - a range of gift cards with 20% off.

What’s the deal exactly?

Supermarket Asda is offering a 20% discount on a range of gift cards ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday 18 June. This includes vouchers for restaurants, technology and television.

The cards in the offer are:

  • Google Play £25 credit - £25 reduced to £20
  • Now TV entertainment three month pass - £15 reduced to £12
  • Now TV movies two month pass - £15 reduced to £12
  • Now TV sports one week pass - £10 reduced to £8
  • Pizza Express £20 voucher - £20 reduced to £16
  • Pizza Hut £20 voucher - £20 reduced to £16
  • The Restaurant Card £20 voucher - £20 reduced to £16
  • Zizzi £20 voucher - £20 reduced to £16

Why should I care?

If you fancy taking your dad out for pizza or giving him the gift of live TV sport then this is a good deal.

Plus, while this is a Father’s Day promotion, you can always buy a voucher for yourself and save some cash.

What’s the catch?

Father’s Day is Sunday 18 June and this offer runs until that date. Gift cards can only be purchased in-store so you’ll have to make the trip down to your local Asda to take advantage.

It’s also worth pointing out before buying that gift cards have many pitfalls. Namely that most gift cards have expiration dates, if you lose the card you usually won’t get your money back, you don’t get the consumer rights protection you’d get if you paid using credit or debit card, the card could be worthless if the store goes bust, and you may be restricted to using the card online or in store only.

See our seven reasons not to buy a gift card for more on this. If you decide you’re happy to take these risks, try to use the card as quickly as possible.

What other options do I have?

Asda is the only major supermarket offering these gift card discounts but there are other options available for Father’s Day. Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco are all running special deals on certain items for dads until the big day. See their websites for more information.

Where can I find out more?

You can find full details of the offer in-store at Asda. 

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