Funny money: “A badger ate my swimming pool”

5 June 2017

One unlucky homeowner was forced to claim on their insurance after a badger chewed through the lining of their swimming pool.

Insurer Aviva says this claim is among the most bizarre home insurance claims it has received in the last decade.

In this incident a hungry badger chewed and scratched through the lining of the pool, prompting the owner to make a claim. The unlucky pool owner even sent over badger fur which was found in the pool filter as evidence.

Another successful claim came when a customer was fixing a harpoon gun which then unexpectedly went off - firing a harpoon spear through the bedroom wall.

Aviva says it has been asked to insure a wide range of unusual items for high net worth individuals, such as:

  • A decommissioned fighter jet being kept in the back garden
  • An entire garage converted to hold a collection of 1950s petrol station memorabilia
  • A life-size fibreglass model of a Brontosaurus
  • A £700,000 collection of mint condition Star Wars memorabilia.

Richard Alger, high net worth underwriter for Aviva Private Clients, says: “It doesn’t matter how much money you have, protecting the possessions you love is just as important to the rich and famous as it is to anyone else.

“It’s fascinating to hear the more unusual requests for insurance cover as it goes to show that we all have unique tastes and interests. It can be difficult putting a value on a one-off item, like a life-size brontosaurus.”

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