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1 June 2017

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According to older people's charity Age UK, nearly three million people over 65 are struggling financially, while government figures show that 1.9m pensioners live below the poverty line. Despite this, the benefits targeted at older people are the most likely to go unclaimed.

Retirees are being warned not to take life expectancy figures too literally when planning their retirement finances.

Savers are facing a new battle as the UK’s rate of inflation continues to be higher than the interest rate offered by almost all savings accounts.

From 1 May, NS&I cut the Premium Bonds effective prize rate from 1.25% to 1.15%. Plus, while the chance of winning any prize remained at one-in-30,000, the number of high value prizes in each month’s draw was reduced.

More than half of homeowners have never remortgaged to another deal, even though in most cases this could cut their monthly repayments.

It's bad enough being too sick to work, but fears about losing your job can only add to the stress. So what are your rights with ill health dismissal and is there any thing you can do to make sure your employer doesn't kick you out of the door before you are ready?

Ford Money has withdrawn its market-leading 4% regular saver and regular saver Isa from sale after an overwhelming number of savers opened an account.

NatWest customers should beware a scam text message doing the rounds this morning, which asks users to verify their account.

Tesco is running a trial which could see the removal of 5p carrier bags from its stores, with customers only able to purchase a 10p “bag for life”.

Keurboom Communications Ltd has been fined a record £400,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office, after plaguing consumers with 100 million automated calls made over an 18-month period.

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