Funny money: From the WC to rabbit food, Brits hide their valuables in weird places

31 May 2017

Almost half of Brits (47%) believe it’s safe to store their valuables in and around their home, with filing cabinets and drawers their favourite hiding place, but more bizarre locations include in a toilet cistern and rabbit food, according to a recent poll by Metro Bank.

While just over a quarter (26%) of Brits chose filing cabinets and drawers, a more sensible 19% put their valuables in a safe, 18% in a wardrobe, 8% in the attic and 7% in a sock drawer, others picked more weird hiding places.

Bizarre hiding places

Some 21% of those polled admit to knowing about or hiding their own treasured belongings inside kitchen containers – such as old soup cans and cereal boxes – while 11% confess to keeping their valuables in the freezer.

Other bizarre hiding places include:

·      In a commode

·      In a sleeping bag

·      Among rabbit food

·      In a roof downpipe

·      In a dirty linen basket

·      In a toilet cistern

·      In a washing machine drawer

·       In a piano

Photo albums were the possessions people most valued, cited by 16% of those polled, while 15% worried about confidential paperwork – such as mortgage deeds, wills, marriage certificates – and 10% most valued children’s memorabilia.

Surprisingly, only 9% perceived jewellery as their most prized possession.

The research found men care about confidential paperwork than women (18% versus 12%), while women value photo albums more than men (22% versus 10%).

Iain Kirkpatrick, managing director of retail banking at Metro Bank – which rents out safe deposit boxes from £200 a year – says: “Never mind under the bed or in a sock drawer or even the commode, we know that our customers’ valuables need to be looked after properly and kept safe. While some people opt for more unusual places, it is worrying how many choose to hide their most cherished possessions in such conspicuous locations.” 

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