Low paid staff work until lunchtime just to pay their rent

30 May 2017

Brits earning between £16,000 and £23,000 a year have to work for 15 hours of their working week just to pay their rent, research by Shelter has revealed.

The housing charity found that full-time workers on a low wage – which includes hairdressers, security guards, factory workers, care home staff and fitness instructors among others – fork out 44% of their salary to rent a typical one-bedroom home.

Londoners are the worst off, paying more than three-quarters (78%) of their wages to rent privately. However, other research by property portal Zoopla recently found it is {cheaper to rent than buy in London} 

Shelter is urging the next government to build half a million new ‘living rent homes’ for working people.

‘Many are forced to dip into savings – or get into debt’

Anne Baxendale, director of communications, policy and campaigns at Shelter, says: “Colossal amounts of people’s time and money are being snatched away by eye-watering rents, which is a kick in the teeth when they are toiling so hard for their futures.

“With such a huge chunk of their salaries spent on keeping a roof over their heads, many are forced to dip into savings or are getting into debt to cover other essentials and stay afloat.

“The next government can make a real difference by building half a million new living rent homes for ordinary working people and families. This will give them the chance for a far stronger future, instead of being left to scrape by.”

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Meanwhile high paid earners have to work till lunchtime to pay their mortgage? And why have a story criticising "eye watering rents" while having huge banner ads and stories on this website promoting the idea of becoming a buy-to-let landlord, the very people who are charging these eye-watering rents?

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