How much should you spend on a wedding gift? Moneywise readers say £26 to £50

25 May 2017

How much to give the bride and groom as a wedding gift can be a tricky decision, so our latest Moneywise poll asked how much on average people give – as an individual, not as a household.              

Almost three in ten (27%) readers who voted said that if they a guest to the whole wedding day, they’d give a gift worth between £26 and £50.  

A further 16% attending the entire wedding day pay between £76 and £100, 13% spend between £51 and £75, 11% shell out £101 or more, and 9% spend up to £25.


In comparison, the most popular response (11%) among those attending just the evening do was to spend up to £25, followed by £26 to £50 (9%).

Very few spent over £50 if they were only a guest to the evening – 1% said they’d spend £52 to £75, a further 1% said they’d spend £76 to £100, and 2% said they’d spend £101 or more.

Recent research from American Express found that the average bill per wedding guest for a gift was £85 – although its research didn’t differentiate between those attending the whole day and those only attending the evening.

See the full Moneywise results below. (Click on the pie chart to enlarge it.) 


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I feel anything less than £75 per person (£150 per couple) is being on the miserable side. While obviously not expected, I feel guests should cover themselves plus a little extra. It’s 2017, giving gifts of 20 and 30 pounds is is just not adequate in this day and age.

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