Deal of the Week: get £20 Thorpe Park tickets when you register to vote

19 May 2017

If you’re aged between 18 and 24 you can get £20 tickets to Thorpe Park when you register to vote in the upcoming general election.

What’s the deal exactly?

The next UK general election takes place on Thursday 8 June and Surrey theme park Thorpe Park is offering discounted £20 tickets to young people who have registered to vote.

To take advantage, you must register to vote by 11.59pm on Monday 22 May and show your voter registration email or printed polling card at the gate to receive a discount.


Why should I care?

In the last general election in 2015, an estimated 57% of people aged between 18 and 24 did not use their vote, according to polling firm Ipsos Mori. Meanwhile, new research from credit reference agency Clear Score found that 26% of those under 24 are not registered to vote, based on analysis of 400,000 under 24s using ClearScore.

This offer is intended to make sure that more young people have their say.

The discount is a great incentive as £20 is a large reduction on Thorpe Park’s usual £52.50 walk-up price, and still a £10 reduction on Thorpe Park’s £29.99 price for tickets bought in advance online.

What’s the catch?

This is an initiative to get young people voting, so if you’re not aged between 18 and 24 then you won’t be eligible for the deal. 

You must also use your discount to visit Thorpe Park in the week voter registration closes – Monday 22 May to Friday 26 May inclusive.


What other options do I have?

If you’re not eligible for the deal, or the offer dates don’t work for you, then you can save on the regular Thorpe Park ticket price by buying in advance. An online advance ticket costs £29.99 compared to the standard £52.50 price.

You can also often find 2-for-1 offers for Thorpe Park and other attractions on promotional food items, such as cereal, and in national newspapers.

Where can I find out more?

Full details of Thorpe Park’s attractions can be found on the park’s website. For voter registration visit the website for full details.

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