Four in 10 travel policies exclude cruises: check your cover before setting sail

16 May 2017

Cruise travellers could be in danger of having insufficient travel insurance for their trip, warns financial information business Defaqto.

Cruises remain a highly popular holiday option amongst Brits with nearly 1.8 million people setting sail each year. But many could be left with unavoidable bills due to a lack of cruise trip cover on their travel insurance.

Defaqto research has found that 35% of single trip policies do not include cover for cruise travel. This figure rises to 40% amongst annual insurance policies.


Plus, half of all travel policies only cover a cruise if the policyholder makes this explicit and coughs up an additional premium. Nearly 13% of all travel policies meanwhile would, under no circumstances, cover a cruise.

If you plan on making a cruise trip this summer, it pays to check your policy before taking out cover – or you risk being stuck with hefty bills if something goes wrong at sea.    

Falling ill during a cruise, for example, can lead to cabin confinement under doctor’s orders. But Defaqto’s research found that less than two fifths of holiday insurance policies would compensate travellers in the event they were confined to their cabin due to illness. For policies that do, the average compensation is much lower than the typical cost of a cruise.

Ensure you have adequate cover

Cruises can involve a variety of scenarios that wouldn’t be covered under many standard travel insurance policies. Incidents such as trip interruptions due to bad weather, missing a port departure, and health care costs while on board could all lead to unexpected costs if a policy doesn’t have specific cover.


Brian Brown, head of insight at Defaqto, comments: “Travel insurance policies vary greatly in the level of protection they offer for cruises – and some don’t offer cruise cover at all.

“We urge anyone planning on setting sail on a cruise this year to double check their policy and ensure they have an adequate level of cover before they go away.”

Also remember to buy travel insurance as soon as you book the trip, as this will protect you from incidents that affect your holiday before it’s time to jet off. 

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