Funny money: Popstar pays fans’ university fees

15 May 2017

The cost of education continues to be a problem for many students, but a handful of people have been given a helping hand from an unlikely source.

Popstar Nicki Minaj offered to pay for some of her fans’ education costs – as long as they could prove they had achieved good grades but were struggling with fees.

The generous Super Bass singer was initially contacted on Twitter by one fan who asked for support with course fees. She replied and said she would pay his fees if the fan could provide proof of his studies.

 “Show me straight As that I can verify with your school and I’ll pay it,” she posted on the social networking site.


Dozens more fans from around the world successfully contacted the singer for help with tuition fees, accommodation and books. Ms Minaj later joked that she would have to stop offering donations on Twitter or she would run out of money.

The popstar subsequently posted proof of the payments online and pledged to set up an official charity to support people struggling with student loans and tuition payments.

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