Financial Planning Week: Two in five Moneywise users wouldn’t pay for advice at retirement

12 May 2017

Almost two in five (39%) users wouldn’t pay or haven’t paid for financial advice at retirement, according to the results of our recent poll.

We didn’t ask for the reason behind this, but research published by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment as part of this week’s Financial Planning Week, revealed that savers are confused about where to turn for financial advice.

To help, the Institute has put together 10 questions to ask a financial adviser before taking on their services.   

Of those Moneywise users who do pay or would pay for advice at retirement in future, the majority (22%) pay or want to pay less than £250.

The next most popular response with 17% of the votes was to spend £250 to £500 on retirement advice, followed by 11% who pay £501 to £1,000, 6% who pay £2,001+, 4% who pay £1,001 to £1,500, and 2% who pay £1,501 to £2,000.

See the full poll results below (click on the pie chart to enlarge it). 

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