Cold-calling firm responsible for 100m nuisance calls hit with record fine

11 May 2017

Keurboom Communications Ltd has been fined a record £400,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), after plaguing consumers with 100 million automated calls made over an 18-month period.

The company made nuisance calls relating to a range of subjects, from road traffic accident claims to PPI compensation. Many individuals reported receiving multiple calls per day, although Keurboom made it difficult to identify whom the calls were originating from.

The ICO received more than 1,000 complaints about the firm.


Keurboom’s former director, Gregory Rudd, had already been prosecuted and fined in April 2016 for failing to comply with an information notice related to the investigation. The company has now been placed in voluntary liquidation, from which the ICO hopes to recover the fine.

Moneywise has contacted the administrator and will update this news story if we receive a comment.

‘Keurboom showed scant regard for the rules’

Steve Eckersley, the ICO’s head of enforcement, comments: “Keurboom showed scant regard for the rules, causing upset and distress to people unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one its 100 million calls.”

Eckersley adds that the “unprecedented” scale of Keurboom’s activities and its failure to cooperate is the reason behind it receiving the largest fine ever issued by the ICO.

What you can do to prevent nuisance calls

Nuisance calls are just that, however people who find themselves on the receiving end of them have several options at their disposal:

  • Complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. The ICO can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.
  • Register your mobile or landline phone with the free Telephone Preference Service ( Marketers are obliged to check you are not on their list before contacting you.
  • Several telecoms providers such, as BT have services intended to block nuisance calls. Services, such as free-to-download app Truecaller, also work to block unwanted calls, while many mobile phone handsets also have the functionality to block certain nuisance numbers.


For more information, telecoms regulator Ofcom has published a consumer guide on nuisance calls and texts available at 


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Unfortunately many of these scammers are laughing all the way to the bank{ e.g.sellers of carbon credit investments to name one of many.The regulating authorities need more power and a good set of sharp teeth.

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