Arsenal and Chelsea bottom of the Premier League property price growth table

Published by Hannah Nemeth on 09 May 2017.
Last updated on 09 May 2017

Goalie saves football

Arsenal’s less than stellar performance in the Premier League this season is matched by an even poorer performance in the property price growth tables, according to new research by an online estate agent. studied house price growth over the past 12 months in the towns and cities where the 20 Premier League clubs are based and found that in the Borough of Islington, where the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s ground, is situated, property prices dropped by an average of 1.9%.

The only other club to see property prices fall is the Premier League’s current top performer and likely winner, Chelsea, with average prices falling 1% over the past year in Hammersmith and Fulham, where its ground, Stamford Bridge, is located. However, it still tops the Premier League for property prices, with an average property costing more than three-quarters of a million pounds (£771,882).

Also making the bottom three in terms of property price performance is Sunderland, which has double the disappointment as it has been relegated to Championship football next season. Here, property prices have stagnated over the past year, going up by just 1.1%.


Top of the Premier League property price table is Burnley in Lancashire, where prices have typically risen by 13.7% in 12 months and average prices are £80,605. Other property price growth winners are Watford, where prices have risen by 12% (£360,858), and Hull City, which saw property price rises of 10.4% (£107,355) – which makes up for these clubs currently languishing in 14th, 15th and 18th places in the Premier League.

Alex Gosling, chief executive of HouseSimple, says: “Whether you look at their position in the Premier League table or average house prices, it hasn’t been a great 12 months for Arsenal, while areas such as Burnley and Hull, where average house prices are some of the cheapest in the country, have seen impressive price growth since last season.”

The Premier League table according to the average property price growth in the towns/cities where the teams are based:

Team Average house price in the town/city (£) 2016 Average house price in the town/city (£) – current Annual house price growth (%)
Burnley 70,877 80,605 13.7
Watford 322,316 360,858 12
Hull City 97,211 107,355 10.4
Tottenham Hotspur 512,198 562,564 9.8
Liverpool 115,933 125,862 8.6
AFC Bournemouth 218,015 235,962 8.2
Southampton 186,127 201,290 8.1
Manchester City 147,888 159,480 7.8
Manchester United 237,795 255,449 7.4
Everton 129,094 136,804 6
Leicester City 144,270 152,826 5.9
West Bromwich Albion 123,154 130,258 5.8
Crystal Palace 337,821 352,869 4.5
Middlesbrough 110,382 114,927 4.1
Stoke City 98,457 102,299 3.9
West Ham United 329,609 339,746 3.1
Swansea 134,301 135,816 1.1
Sunderland 108,349 109,529 1.1
Chelsea 773,193 771,882 -0.2
Arsenal 628,362 616,152 -1.9


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