Plusnet to hike home phone prices by up to 17%

9 May 2017

Plusnet customers will be hit with home phone price hikes of up to 17%, the provider has announced.

From 29 June, home phone package prices, call set-up fees, and calls to mobiles will rise by up to 16.8%, while line rental and line rental saver prices will also increase by 5.5% and 6.4%, respectively. See the table below for the full changes.


However, affected customers unhappy about the hikes can cancel their contract penalty free. You just need to tell Plusnet within 30 days of being informed of the price changes, and give it 14 days’ notice for your service to end.

Customers with line rental saver – where you pay for a year’s line rental in advance – who cancel will be refunded the months they’ve yet to use.

From 29 June Plusnet is, however, launching a ‘Call Protect’ feature, which automatically blocks calls from Plusnet's list of known nuisance callers and sends them straight to a junk voicemail inbox. You can also opt to create your own list of unwanted numbers and choose to divert specific types of numbers. This comes as part of your phone package, although you do need to activate it – visit the Plusnet website for information on how to do this.

Why is Plusnet raising prices?

Plusnet says it’s increasing prices to “continue providing a brilliant service”.

A spokesperson for the firm adds: “We’re always reluctant to increase prices, and we’re the last big provider to do so. We strive to provide the best for our customers and have been heavily investing in our products and services to offer exciting new features, such as Plusnet Call Protect.

“This free service helps our customers get more from their phone line by filtering out annoying nuisance calls.”

What are prices changing to?

The table below details the key price changes:  

ProductNew priceOld pricePrice change
Line rental£18.99/mth£17.99/mth£1/mth (5.5%)
Line rental saver (i)£197.88/yr£185.88/yr£12/yr (6.4%)
Anytime, Plusnet Anytime, Talk Anytime£7/mth£6.50/mth50p/mth (7.6%)
Anytime International 300£8/mth£7.50/mth50p/mth (6.6%)
Call set-up fee (if it’s not included)21p/call19p/call2p/call (10.5%)
Calls to mobiles14.65p/minute12.54p/minute2.11p/min (16.8%)
(i) Line Rental Saver is payable in full, in advance and provides 12 months’ standard phone line rental. The price rise will be applied at the point of sign-up or renewal from 29 June.

From 29 June, Plusnet is also introducing a fair usage limit of 150 calls or 1,000 minutes a month (whichever is reached first) on calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers, for all call plans which include calls to these numbers.

Early termination charges for line rental are also increasing from 29 June from £7.81 per month to £8.54 per month. However, early termination charges are falling or staying the same across Plusnet’s broadband products. See the Plusnet website for more information on this

Are other phone providers raising prices?

  • BT: Ten million customers were hit with broadband, line rental, home phone, BT Sport and certain call cost price hikes from 2 April 2017.
  • TalkTalk: Up to four million customers were hit with line rental, broadband, TV, home phone, and call cost increases from 4 November 2016. The provider has however, since launch a range of fixed price broadband products.
  • Sky: hiked broadband, TV and call prices from 1 March.
  • Virgin Media: Millions were hit with broadband, line rental, and certain bundle price hikes from 1 November 2016.

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