New £20,000 Isa allowance – where to find the best savings rates

3 May 2017

Savers have little time left to take advantage of the tax-free cash Isa from NatWest and RBS.

The banks will pay a 1% bonus for a year, worth an extra £200, to those putting the full £20,000 cash Isa allowance for this tax year. But savers need to get their skates on as the money must be in the account before 5 May.

The underlying rate with the easy-access NatWest Cash Isa is just 0.01% but the bonus boosts it to 1.01%. At RBS, the standard rate is 0.05%, or 1.05% including the bonus.


Once you have earned your bonus you will need to move your money to a better paying account.

Coventry Building Society has cut the rate its Easy Access Isa for new savers. The latest issue, number six, pays 0.9%, down from 1.01% on the previous issue. Ford Money and Sainsbury’s Bank have both raised their rate to 0.9%. Skipton Building Society pays a slightly higher 1% on its Bonus Cash Isa, but this rate includes a 0.35% bonus for a year.

On fixed-rate cash Isas, the best one-year deal now comes from Bank of Cyprus at 1.13%. Paragon Bank pays a top 1.26% for two years.

Rates on taxable easy-access accounts continue to rise, with newcomer Ford Money upping the rate on its Flexible Saver to 1%, to match that offered by Kent Reliance.

RCI Bank still pays the top 1.1%, however, with this French-owned bank your money is covered up to €100,000 (around £85,000) under the French scheme. With the others, you are covered up to £85,000 by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


In the high street, the top rate is 1.15% from Yorkshire Building Society. But you are restricted to making withdrawals on just one day of your choosing a year from this easy-access account. 

National Counties Building Society has raised the rate on its Branch Saver 5 to 0.86%, while Coventry Building Society pays 0.85%.

On fixed-rate one-year bonds Charter Savings Bank pays a top 1.55%, while for two years OakNorth Bank pays 1.71%, Paragon Bank 1.7% and Charter Savings Bank 1.67%.  

This is an edited version of a story that first appeared on our sister website, Money Observer.

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