Easter eggs aren’t all they’re cracked-up to be for Moneywise users

19 April 2017

Nearly half (45%) of Moneywise.co.uk users didn’t buy any chocolate eggs for friends, family, or themselves this Easter.

The ‘shell-shocking’ statistic is the result of our latest poll, which received 1,032 votes.

However, at the other end of the scale, two in ten (21%) of those who voted were ‘eggcited’ by the prospect of a chocolate filled weekend, planning to spend or splashing out on eggs worth £10.01 or more.

A further 15% spent or planned to spend between £1.01 and £5, while an additional 15% said they’d spend between £5.01 and £10.


Just 4% of those who voted were after a cheap egg, planning to spend or spending between 1p and £1.

In comparison, when we ran the same poll last year, a smaller 35% said they planned to spend nothing, while a much smaller 11% said they’d spend £10 or more.

The majority of those buying eggs (33%) said they spend between £1 and £5, with 14% spending between £5 and £10 and 8% spending between 1p and £1.


See the full results below, which are no ‘yolk’ (click the image to enlarge). 

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