Vodafone introduces roam-free mobile tariffs ahead of European ban

13 April 2017

New and upgrading pay monthly and SIM-only Vodafone customers can now use their mobile for free in 40 overseas destinations.

If your contract started on or after 12 April 2017, and you have an Essentials, Red Extra or Red Entertainment plan or a SIM-only pay monthly plan, you’ll have Vodafone Global Roaming automatically enabled.  

This means you can use your phone abroad for the same price as at home. Standard UK rates, rather than overseas rates, will also apply if you exceed your monthly allowance while roaming.


These 40 ‘roam-free’ destinations mainly include countries in the EU, but destinations such as the Channel Islands, the French West Indies, Switzerland, and Turkey are also included.

An additional 60 countries worldwide, such as America, Australia, and South Africa, are part of Vodafone’s new ‘roam-further’ destinations, where you can pay an extra £5 per day to use your phone as you would at home.

Vodafone last year introduced free roaming in 40 countries for those with its Red and Red Value tariffs

But the move comes just two month’s before an EU-wide ban on mobile roaming comes into force. From 15 June, you’ll be able to use your phone without incurring roaming charges in all 28 EU countries.

The European Commission says ‘roam like at home’ will also be introduced in countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway), shortly after 15 June.


Three Mobile already operates a similar scheme, called ‘Feel at Home’ where, depending on your mobile tariff, you can roam for free in 42 destinations worldwide. Carphone Warehouse’s iD network also lets those on its ‘TakeAway’ plan roam for free in 29 countries. 

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